Hill City Rollers - Sponsorship
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Sponsor the Hill City Rollers Roller Derby League!
2014-2015 Season

This is your special invitation to be a part of and support you local Roller Derby league located right here in Otsego County. As members of this community we would like to reach to you for support and assistance and in return we would love to provide to you the following:

Caboose ($50) includes: Locomotive ($100) includes: Engineer ($200) includes: Railroad Barron ($300+) includes:
We thank you for your support. Please provide the following information below and turn in to your favorite HCR player or to Interskate 88 or contact the Sponsorship committee at nypr87(put an at symbol here)gmail.com

IN-KIND DONATIONS ACCEPTED, please specify donation equivalent $ amount.

The Derailing Darlings will use your Sponsorship money for Equipment, Bout Costs, Derby Clinics/Guest Coaches and Uniforms.

Download a .doc version or a .pdf version of the sponsorship form to print out and return to us